3D Scanning & Milling Technology

Valinos combines scanning, pressure recording, 3D modeling & milling to create the PERFECT fit!

Why Valinos?

Helps resolve issues caused by bad posture with Orthopedic Solutions. The orthopedic insole is incorporated into trendy footwear with the highest level of comfort for that special feeling when walking. Every pair of Valinos is custom-made using the measurements of your feet. Your data is processed by our special design software and evaluated by our qualified expert staff. The footwear is then created on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and is handmade, just for you.

Benefits of wearing Valinos

We use advanced pressure recording technology to create optimum support. The most advanced 3D milling machine on Aruba. Using a true 3D rendering of a patient we can mill up to 4 microns accurately.


Benefits of wearing Valinos

  • Foot Stability – Improves posture
  • Reduce Pressure – Getting more comfort and stamina
  • Great Recovery Tool – From fractures or sport injuries
  • Fallen Arch Support – Gives your body the right footbase

Personlise your own Valinos

Any questions regarding our custom-fit Valino’s that can give you professional orthopedic support?