PedCad Perfect Fit

Fix posture with our Pedcad Perfect Fit! #pedcadaruba

JP Visser at BarioFest Dakota

With over 3500 visitors at Centro di Bario Dakota with Bariofest. We had a great time and give thanks to the organisors for having us.

JP Visser at OT World, Leipzig Germany

OT World is a clearly structured trade show whose influence spreads over more than 90 countries. At the heart of Europe, top location Leipzig offers the most modern facilities and an attractive backdrop against which to present your products and services. An international, loyal trade and professional public – almost 40 % of the visitors come from outside Germany – …

JP Visser attends the AOPA World Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada

  This world‐wide convention opportunity features 4 days of high‐level networking, exhibits, the latest techniques in O&P treatment, and the finest industry specific business and clinical training programs.  We hope you make plans to join us.   The first Congress was a great learning experience for all and with your participation we can create a larger and even more successful event. Research and …

JP Visser visits OFA Bamberg

Ofa Bamberg is a leading German manufacturer of medical compression stockings and orthopaedic supports. Since it was founded in 1928, Ofa Bamberg has had a clear priority: maximum comfort and an attractive appearance with optimum efficacy. In addition to a large selection of modern compression stockings, Ofa Bamberg offers a comprehensive range of orthopaedic supports and braces. Preventive health products …